Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zend Launches Developer Cloud & SDK To Give Developers Access to Web Applications Market

Zend, The PHP company and the place I work for the past 5 years has made some significant steps over the last year to enable Web developers to deliver scalable Web applications. As part of our strategy Zend has been full-steam ahead on creating better ways for Web developers to make application deployed on a self-served container which can be scaled up and down which have been traditionally difficult areas for PHP developers to execute effectively.

In May the Zend Server team has published a major update to the product with the ability to create application packages that consist of source code, metadata and scripts, and of course deploy applications on any number of servers. At about the same time, my team has worked to deliver tools supporting these capabilities.

Today, Zend is adding the remaining piece, again utilizing its current product line. The company today announced that it is releasing the Zend Developer Cloud and a software development kit (SDK) called Zend SDK to enable Web developer build their applications on a robust platform in a very short time. This is of interest for the very reason that this service is given for free by Zend.

When it comes to entering the PHP applications market like Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Zend Framework apps, developers are met with a number of obstacles, including environment requirements and unstructured development tools. The advantage then, of Zend′s new platform and SDK is that now developers have streamlined workflows to develop their applications.

To demonstrate how easy it is to create Web applications with the new tools, I created a GitHub repository for a #zendcon tweeter channel  https://github.com/zendcon/hellotweet and made it available on my container at http://royganor.my.phpcloud.com/zendcon/ in about a couple of minutes.

Stay tune for more posts and information about this news.

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