Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eclipse Continues to Support PHP and Zend Developer Cloud

The last two weeks were a-m-a-z-i-n-g! We released two major pieces that can turn Web development as easy and obvious as writing this hello world application. This time I would like to present additional important piece that the Zend team provide today to enable PHP and Web development (special thanks to @nataliabartol). Welcome the 'Eclipse-based package by Zend'. This package includes the Eclipse Platform latest release (version 3.7.1, code name Indigo-SR1), the Web Tools Source Editing plugin, the PDT plugin (latest version) and the Zend SDK plugin (this plugin enables Zend Developer Cloud). You can find the package and more information about this release here. The size of this package is ~90Mb (depending on your operating system) and users need to extract the package to run the product.

Zend is the provider of Zend Studio 9.0 and lead the Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) project as well as the Zend SDK project. This Eclipse-based product will mainly be useful for developers working with PHP and their workflow includes tasks such as PHP/HTML/Javascript/CSS sources editing, debugging and deployment of Web applications.

The following two minutes demo shows a simple create-deploy-debug cycle enabled by this package:

My team will definitely consider leveraging the Zend SDK to work with more solutions available in the market providing Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PHP Developers such as Netbeans and  phpStorm, stay tuned!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below.


Ian Skerrett said...

Ray, is there a reason why you are not building the PHP package at Eclipse? I would think it would get a lot more exposure on the download page? I certainly remember it being a very popular package.

Roy Ganor said...

We would love to publish the Eclipse for PHP package for Indigo now. We didnt do it this release because we couldn't catch up with the EPP timeline (although we were good enough for the train) and this is a shame.

Is there a way to publish bits after the official drop?

Ian Skerrett said...

Send an e-mail to the EPP mailing list. Lets try to figure something out.