Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First API released for phpcloud.com

In previous post, I presented the Zend Developer Cloud Platform and some thoughts about it. It's time for me to show some pretty cool API we added for developers who want to exploit all the goodies from it. In a nutshell, the Zend Developer Cloud API enables you to authenticate, list your containers details and get a very nice information about your requests, and of course to start debugging of specific events occurred lately.

The first implementation using this API is the Zend Developer Cloud sniffer that "integrates into the PHP runtime and watches for various events such as errors, failing functions, slow scripts and database errors. This allows you to debug your application during development, helping you create a better application.". And the first implementation of this API is available under EPL at the Zend SDK source code In more details the following API is available:

  1. authenticate(u, p, _success, _error)
    Authenticate to the Zend Developer Cloud service given the username and password. Once authentication is validated, a session id is retrieved and assigned as cookie
  2. list(_success, _error)
    Lists all containers for the signed in user
  3. requestSummary(containerName, requestUid, _success, _error)
    Retrieve information about a particular request's events and code tracing. The requestUid identifier is provided in a cookie that is set in the response to the particular request.
  4. downloadAmf(containerName, amf, _success, _error)
    Download the amf file specified by codetracing identifier
  5. startDebug(containerName, issueId, eventGroupId, _success, _error)
    Start a debug session for specific issue

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