Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Better Together - Github and Zend Developer Cloud

The two Cloud-based services Zend Developer Cloud and GitHub share some common traits. Although these services are loosely coupled, developers using one service can easily find interest in the other. For example the openness of the services to application developers world, the (so important) social dimension and the fact that it is just easy to use through a set of APIs and tools, make these two services fun to work with... together.

It takes four command lines to see the value (you will need to install Zend SDK first):

# clone an example 'hello tweet' project from a github repository
$ zend clone project -r git://github.com/zendcon/hellotweet.git

# define a Developer Cloud container to host your application
$ zend add target -d account-name:account-password

# set working directory
$ cd  hellotweet

# deploy the newly created application to the defined target
$ zend deploy application 

The result is available as a ready to use Web application http://royganor.my.phpcloud.com/zendcon/ and since I made the container public anyone can create the same container through http://my.phpcloud.com/container/create/snapshot/royganor-snapshot-20111018054539

But there are more similarities, let's review some of them:
  • Identities are open and visible between developers 
  • Applications and repositories are listed:

  • Social activities are available for developers who want/need continuous and fast feedback  

If you are interested in more information about specific aspect of the solution, share it here and I will answer you.

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