Thursday, April 03, 2008

PHP and JavaScript in a Single Frame

Many tutorials and blogs written about “PHP & AJAX” and “Rich Internet Application” but take no notice of a suitable development environment. Actually now days' web application tasks involve many technologies and mechanisms that come to be pretty fast a tedious work, this automatically brings many developers to search for an IDE for PHP and JavaScript.

Yesterday, I have conducted a Zend webinar, named "Developing Rich Internet Applications using Zend Studio for Eclipse". In this Webinar I presented Zend Studio for Eclipse empowered by the Ajax Tools plug-in, I went over the installation process, project management, source editing and debugging capabilities for both PHP and JavaScript including code assist, code formatter, folding elements, server-client debugging and more.

Also I have demonstrated the usage of ZF and Dojo session debugging and with the example that was given by Ralph last week. Thanks Ralph!

Also I gave a demonstration of the integrated Mozilla editor that communicated with other parts of the broser tolling (like DOM inspector, browser console, request monitor view, JavaScript Evaluator, DOM source view, CSS view and the DOM watcher).

See you next time!

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