Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eclipse PDT Bug Day

According to Eclipspedia the motivation for Eclipse Bug Day is "to help foster community outreach and growth". Since there are more and more people in the Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) community that start asking for diversity in the development side, Nick Boldt has suggested to help out and contribute patches to the project "if there's Zend folks willing to coach me...". Actually, I am very excited from his (and others) proposal, since it's the first time a group of people have stated that they want to contribute to PDT.

There are three more things that worth mentioning here:
  1. I do think that PHP developers can (and should) try and contribute to this project although the core development is in Java, since trivalley this project is solely designated for them.
  2. PHPEclipse people that did great on this project, should think about a way to integrate their work and help us so we will unite the forces on one platform.
  3. Since people need to have some knowledge about our platform, we should supply basic design documents. The following two articles can be used for this end, ASTView and Abstract Syntax Tree.
Save the day, the bug day will be held on May 30th. Getting started bugs were tagged as "bugday" (thank you David!)

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