Monday, November 19, 2012

REST Sniffer and Client - Working Together

A month ago I posted about REST Sniffer, a Chrome extension that helps with tracking REST calls. This time, I'll present a cool new feature that can help developers to detect and analyze bugs as well as support common Web apps development process integrated with Advanced REST Client.

The use case is very common, you are a Web (or Mobile-Web) developer given with a bug or scenario that requires several steps to reproduce. You probably start with opening a browser and trying out these steps. After simulating it, open the network panel and investigate that it's an API issue originated from this specific scenario (data, flow, state, etc). Now starts the beautiful twist, you pinpoint this API call and detach it to an external client that can reproduce this call in a similar environment. Let's see how it works in real life:

First you sniff your Web App's APIs, and click the "Load in REST Client" button

This operation automatically detaches this specific API call (including its method, URL, path, parameters and headers) to the Advanced REST Client where you can review and exercise this call again and again. Ultimately, step by step debugging it in your favorite IDE.

Finally Review the results in your client after resolving the issue

Many thanks to Paweł Psztyć the "Advanced REST Client" Google Chrome App creator who worked together with me on the integration and made it possible.

If you want to read more visit this short page prepared to help with understanding the workflow in details.

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