Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting Started with Facebook App Development

Last week I was playing with Facebook App development, getting ready to the Facebook announcement. It was quite pleasant experience, although things could be simpler. The Facebook Open Graph concept gives a nice overview on what and why this all about, so that part went very smooth. When things get technical, the Facebook Developers site turns messy. That is, all topics are covered in a 'tutorial' approach rather than an API approach like most developers are used to. Moreover, the layout of this page is definitely not intuitive as it mixes between reference and tutorial docs. That's said, the general experience was good.

To help other developers get started with Facebook app development I created a nice application which take the reader through the steps to develop applications with It was a nice exercise and it can really help with the development workflow.

The topic "Getting Started with Your Facebook App on" covers :
  1. Create an account on
  2. Create an app on Facebook
  3. Setting up development environment
  4. Deploy a sample Facebook app to
  5. Push updates to your Facebook app

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Carlos Bacelar said...

Can you send me an invite?