Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A (Big) Dot Release

Although dot releases don't get as much attention as major releases , this one should definitely get highlighted:

      "Zend is pleased to announce the release of Zend Studio 9.0.1!"

This new release focuses on improving source code editing experience, improving editor performance, smart indentation when pasting code. It also extends the code formatter so PHP comments are well structured. Working with PHPUnit made easier with the addition of smart configuration (and bootstrap)  detection. Community plugins updates provide advanced features with Git, ZenCoding and Symfony2.

The changes include:
  • Improved editor performance for multi-line statements and auto indentation scenarios
  • Adjust indentation when pasting code
  • New code formatter rules for PHP Comments
  • Disable/Enable Code formatter with special @formatter:off/on tags
  • Git history graph
  • PHPUnit auto-detection of configuration (and bootstrap) file
  • Improved PHP Class creation for namespace code generation
  • Easy installation of community plugins ZenCoding and Symfony2 and Twig 
  • Various bug fixes

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jhon said...

Hey thanks Roy Ganor for this step by step tutorials. It also works with user defined versions.