Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Github to Zend Developer Cloud - the fast way!

In previous posts I discussed several methods of building Web applications using Zend Developer Cloud and github, mainly with tools like Eclipse and Zend Studio. This time, I will show off with a new feature in Zend SDK v0.0.22 (and up) presented by Wojtek Galanciak.

With this feature only one command line is required to deploy applications from github to Zend Developer Cloud. Here is a simple example:

zend deploy application -r git:// -t 0

"Symfony2Cloud" repository is hosted in my github account. Target id 0 is my Zend Developer Cloud container. This command makes sure that the applications is deployed into my Zend Developer Cloud container. As simple as that...

Read more about this command and similar use cases with the new Zend SDK. Release notes are available here.

In my next posts I am going to explain about the new repository management tools, so stay tuned.

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