Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New 10 Top Zend Studio 8.0 Features (applies mostly to Eclipse PDT 2.2.1)

After one and a half years of community development and Zend internal hard work, Zend Studio 8.0 is officially released today after 3 months in beta!

During the beta term I tweeted about the new features and I wanted to aggregate everything to one blog so you can all review it in one place.

  1. New Analyze Network Usage and Performance with Zend Studio 8.0 http://yfrog.com/3dc06xp #zendcon Top Studio new features #1
  2. New Running #php Applications on VMWare Workstation through Zend Studio 8.0 http://yfrog.com/69z0tp Top Studio new features #2
  3. New remote server support (ftp/ssh) http://bit.ly/9ei3hf Top Zend Studio new features #3
  4. New #phpunit configuration files support http://bit.ly/aN2w3e Studio new features #4
  5. New jQuery Support http://yfrog.com/7f1jap Top Studio new features #5
  6. New native installers http://yfrog.com/5i4itp Top Studio new features #6
  7. New content assist with templates http://yfrog.com/0r5j9p Top Studio new features #7
  8. New hover information box http://yfrog.com/6x26763202p - Top Studio new features #8
  9. New "Inspect" action in #php editor http://yfrog.com/5j3sssp - Top Studio new features #9
  10. Enhancements for Windows 7 http://yfrog.com/mlxu3p (thanks #mylyn) - Top Studio new features #10
I'll probably have another post about the guys at Zend and community that helped with this release, so stay tuned if you want to hear about the team.

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Anonymous said...

hi, I can't post to your Youtube any more. Here is what I wanted to say:

Hey man this video is really cool, thanks a lot. I also discovered your blog with a number of other great intros to this amazing product.

With regards to my issue, I have logged a post http://forums.zend.com/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=8668&p=28780#p28780 and have received some excellent feedback so far.

Thanks :-)