Sunday, August 30, 2009

The (Flat and Long) Type Hierarchy of Zend_Exception

Trying to build the type hierarchy of the Zend_Exception class in Zend Framework using Eclipse PDT yields a long and flat list of Exceptions.

Should it be more "hierarchical-like"? I mean... the framework, with core and extra plugins?


mweierophinney said...

But that wouldn't mimic our library structure, then. :)

The hierarchy you show mimics the component hierarchy, which is exactly as intended.

Roy Ganor said...

Well, I am not sure what the benefit with the current state where zf exceptions mimic the library structure, I know that it is hard to navigate and understand whether an exception is core, runtime, service, controller, or any other cluster you have in mind.

It will allow developers to catch multiple exceptions and detect it more easily.

Thanks for replying!