Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Latest News from PHP/Zend Tooling World!

The first half of the year (2009) is over and the Web world got new, structured techniques for rich Web application development tools in Zend Server and Zend Studio 7.0 based on the latest Eclipse PDT project (2.1) with features such as Server integration, smart code analysis for dynamic languages, refactoring tools and more.

Instead of writing blocks of texts describing these new exciting features I want to share with you a few screen casts created by Zend (thanks Yossi L.!) that demonstrate the new capabilities provided to Web developers who work with php as their main server side engine. If you want me to elaborate on specific screen cast comment out or let me know, I promise to add details in another post.

Enjoy ;)

Jump Starting Web Application Development Using Zend Studio & Server Integration

Code Navigation

Code Analysis and Auto-fix

PHP 5.3 Development

PHP Code Refactoring

RAD Tools

Root Cause Analysis

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