Monday, November 19, 2007

PDT Gets Smarty

Staring from day one of PDT project, a feature request screaming "Support smarty template syntax coloring" was very popular in our bug tracking system. Twenty-three people voted for this issue, many posts were written about it in the newsgroup and users keep sending us e-mails hoping their request is going to be fulfilled in the near future.

Well... if I understand the Eclipse Foundation correctly, PDT developers shouldn't operate fast and fix these kinds of features. PDT was built only as a "PHP Development Tools framework". In the PHP world where there are hundreds of core extensions and dozens of frameworks it is impossible to support all of them.

But... a feature request is a feature request. And feature requests are meant to be resolved. Applying simple logic rules derives that - "PDT Gets Smarty".

So the growing eco-system of PDT has a new sibling called 'smartypdt' which is a project that "enables users to develop Smarty projects utilizing the power of PDT" it is a great initiative developed by William Candillon , that was guided by me and we expect Dave Kelsey to join us soon. The results are really great!!!

For now two basic capabilities are provided: syntax coloring and compilation
error analysis. This makes PDT and smartypdt the best development environment
for Smarty developers.

The idea is that frameworks and extension creators will re-use the
functionality presented in this project and provide it alongside their products
to ease the development with PHP under PDT.

The package and source code can be accessed from here -

You are more than welcome to test-drive it and submit bugs, features and patches.


Ladislav Prskavec said...

Thanks for this plugin.

Anonymous said...

i think, smarty is dead... no updates. what about going php 5?

Kevin Erhardt said...
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Kevin Erhardt said...

thanks for this pluging, but it does not works under my mac os x 10.5 system with last version of pdt and eclipse 3.3 :(, whats wrong?

mambo said...

Cool information! I have to install it! :)

Ratius said...

I can't use it using Eclipse Europa though I followed the wiki that said I needed to enable the plugin under mana configuration. I tried with the given PDT from zend given on the download page, still not working :(

Anonymous said...

not working for me also... hours of trying and nothing, this plug has got shitty documentation, or should i say no doc almost at all...shame on U google

Stas said...

see aslo Codelobster - Free PHP IDE with support Drupal and Smarty